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About Me
My name is Ineke Poultney (the "Inky" bit of the name of this website is a nickname which I was given at school - it is also easier to pronounce than my actual first name).

After leaving the "Education" phase of my life (school, college, Youth Training), I ended up working in as an Administration Officer for a small Engineering firm near Leicester for 15 years prior to being made redundant.

I have a lifelong passion for (or should that read "addiction to") reading and writing.  It is not an exaggeration to say that I am happiest either curled up reading a book or writing.

This may explain how the blog which was the original "Inkyworld" started up.  What started off as a "head emptying" exercise after I was made redundant snowballed into something which people actually enjoyed reading - it also gave me the opportunity to allow people to see things from my side of the fence which they may not otherwise have thought about.  (Put it this way - the original strapline of "A sideways view of life" has been proven to be true.)

Coming from a dual English-Dutch heritage (now you know where my first name comes from) and being seriously Myopic (or shortsighted) my entire life has given me the tools to see the world just that little bit differently.