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Speak And Say Nothing Anyway (Or - What Is The True Point Of The Mainstream Media And Politicians???)
10/18/2016 4:45:12 PM
There are times when I just want to give up on the idea of continuing to exist in any format - online and in real life.

According to me there are two groups of people who are too busy doing the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be doing to be of any remote use to people like me.

These are the Mainstream Media and Politicians.  One lot is supposed to attempt to educate us in an unbiased manner about the issues of the day - the other lot are supposed to represent us when it comes to the governance of our country.

Right now - it seems that both groups are either too busy fighting amongst themselves about the "right" spin to put on any issue you care to mention - or - too busy turning everybody against each other and making life difficult for those of us who cannot argue back.

Last night I was watching a TV programme presented by Jeremy Paxman about the US Presidential elections and the farce that has turned into.  I wish I could say I was horrified.  I also wish I could say I was left feeling worried that the same thing might happen in the UK.  Unfortunately - in both instances I felt the exact opposite.

Allow me to concentrate for a minute on why I wasn't left feeling worried that the same thing might happen in the UK.  The same thing is already happening in the UK.  It is just that the Mainstream Media appear to have a deal with the UK Government not to expose the sheer hypocrasy practiced by some politicians.

We need a Government which is open and transparent as well as a Mainstream Media who are not prepared to run stories of very little apparent public interest about Politicians and their Pubic and Private Lives - just to sell newspapers or justify the money they spend on programming - but are prepared to dig deep and find the real stories affecting the world as we know it.

I have made no secret of the fact that I would like to see the current form of Government in this country totally abolished and the BBC shut down in its entirety.

I honestly believe the people (us) have got the means and motives to both govern ourselves and run our own Media outlets so we can tell the real stories as we see them.

I wish I could say I would be 100% happy with the idea of having the Government of the UK (in its current format) moved from Westminster to another area of the UK.  However, I do not feel that would resolve the issues surrounding the disconnection and disenfranchisement felt by myself and others.

I would be much happier if the people of the UK were allowed to properly determine our own futures through a form of "Direct Governance" - bypassing what passes for a Government in this country completely.

If we have found a way to create jobs through Volunteering and the "hidden" sectors of our economy which can meet the needs of local people - surely we should be able to find a way of governing ourselves through small groups of likeminded (and not likeminded) people who can see the needs we all face and find ways of dealing with them accordingly?

Then - and only then - will I feel able to say that I am a proper citizen who is happy to play my part in the running of this country.

Because - right now - I don't believe the country actually thinks I have a right to exist - never mind have an opinion on the things which affect me and the rest of the country.

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